• The competition is open to all students currently enrolled in senior high school or college. Participants must provide proof of their enrollment status upon request, and any participant found ineligible will be disqualified from the event.
  • All participants must register for the competition before the designated deadline. Any participant who has not registered will not be allowed to compete. Participants must provide all necessary information.
  • The project to be created is a line-following robot and it will be racing a line track provided by Erovoutika.
  • The objective of the competition is to run the line-following robot on the line track provided by Erovoutika and have the fastest time record.
  • The competition has no restrictions on the tools, applications, or software that participants may use.
  • The robotics kit and the line track will be provided by ERovoutika.
  • In the competition proper, the line-following robot will be presented on a live stream with a stopwatch. Each robot will only be given one trial run. Robots that go off-track will automatically be disqualified.
  • The competition will be based on the time trials of each line-following robot. The three (3) fastest line-following robots will be the Champion, 1st runner-up, and 2nd runner-up, respectively
  • By participating, all participants automatically agree that they vow to respect fellow participants and staff.


  • Players are expected to conduct themselves and compete with the spirit of sportsmanship, maintaining a friendly and polite demeanor in activities involving other participants and the public in general.
  • The organizer/ facilitators have the right to apply penalties, disqualify and dismiss any registered participants from the competition, at their discretion, at any stage of the competition.


  • All participants must stay within the Zoom meeting once the event begins. Leaving the meeting during the competition is prohibited, and any participant who does so will be disqualified.
  • All projects submitted for the competition must be created using only the components and materials provided in the designated robotics kit. Any additional components or materials are prohibited.
  • Once the event starts, all participating groups are prohibited from communicating with any other groups until the competition ends. Any attempt to communicate or collaborate with other groups will result in immediate disqualification
  • Facilitators reserve the right to edit the rules at any time and disqualify teams for reasons not stated in this list or take other action.
  • Ignorance of rules does not justify rule breaking. If you have questions about any rules, contact our support.


  • Participants must adhere to a code of conduct that outlines expected behavior during the event, such as respect for other participants, non-discrimination, and ethical conduct.
  • Participants are encouraged to leverage their creativity and knowledge to develop innovative solutions in designing the fastest line-following robot.
  • Participants must adhere to rules related to intellectual property rights, which could include restrictions on the use of copyrighted materials or ownership of the intellectual property developed during the event.
  • Participants must adhere to health and safety regulations, such as wearing protective gear or following safety procedures when working with hazardous materials or equipment.


  • All participants must form teams of a maximum of two (2) members. Participants who do not have a team upon registration will be assigned to a team by the organizers. Teams will be created at random or based on participant preferences, if feasible. Participants may also have a maximum of one (1) coach.
  • Participants may request to change teams prior to the start of the competition, but the organizers reserve the right to deny such requests. Each team will be given a team name and must work together throughout the competition.